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Why British Sex Workers Are Striking This Friday
VICE spoke to sex worker, Sage Woodford about what they’re hoping to achieve – 6 Mar 2019

On International Women’s Day, sex workers are going on strike
Ava Caradonna outlines why sex workers are going on strike on International Women’s Day – 6 March 2019

Sex workers aim to shape the future of Scotland’s prostitution laws
GMB launches Scotland’s first sex workers’ union
Union branches out to protect sex workers’ rights
Sex workers in Scotland have formed a new branch in GMB, to represent sex workers and advocate for changes to the laws which criminalise sex work. The launch of the branch has been backed by Gavin Sweeney MP. “ After hearing the perspective of workers in this industry I feel more enlightened about the issues… [sex workers] deserve the same rights and representation as other workers. – 5 March 2019

Decriminalise sex work to protect us from crime
The English Collective of Prostitutes calls for the removal of laws that force sex workers to work alone, leaving them vulnerable to crime and reluctant to report violence to the police because they fear arrest. On 3rd March, ECP launch their #makeallwomensafe campaign, calling on the UK Government to decriminalise sex workers working on the street and together indoors –28 Feb 2019

“What’s a nice girl like you doing in a job like this?”
ECP launched new research in Parliament, hosted by Dawn Butler MP and supported by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, highlighting the working conditions of sex workers compared to other work disproportionately done by women (such as cleaning, midwifery, teaching and caring) – 25 Feb 2019

On March 8th – WE STRIKE!
The Women’s Strike takes place on 8th March, International Women’s Day, and is a global call for solidarity against conditions which oppress and isolate women. This blog from Molly Smith, activist with SWARM and Coordinator with Decrim Now, calls for activists to join the strike and show solidarity with sex workers across the UK – 15 Feb 2019

Criminalisation of sex work normalises violence, review finds
Research from LSHTM showed sex workers are more likely to experience poor health, violence and abuse in countries where sex work is criminalised, including countries with the ‘Nordic Model’. The study reviewed data from studies in 33 countries and found that sex workers who experienced repressive policing were three times more likely to experience violence from clients – 11 Dec 2018

From brothels to independence: the neoliberalisation of (sex) work
Sex workers in the UK are by now just another part of the online, freelance, customer-reviewed digital economy. Their story of how they got there exposes a dangerous shift – 7 Nov 2018

Selling sex is a working class job. It’s time for Labour to stand with sex workers
Juno Mac calls for the Labour Party to support the decriminalisation of sex work ahead of The World Transformed, drawing links between sex work and other forms of labour where activists advocate for safety and rights at work – 24 Sept 2018

The strippers leading the fight to get sex workers protected by unions
In 2018, the Women’s Strike Assembly launched a campaign to start a sex worker branch of United Voices of the World (UVW), which now has more than 50 members. Decrim Now works closely with UVW as part of our nationwide campaign for the decriminalisation of sex work – 20 Sept 2018