Our Team

Molly Smith is a sex worker and sex worker rights activist. As well as being involved in Decrim Now, she organises within SCOTPEP and SWARM. She is co-author of Revolting Prostitutes: the fight for sex worker’s rights. She lives in Scotland.

Camille Barbagallo is a postdoctoral researcher. Her research focuses on ‘women’s work’ that is both waged and unwaged and addresses questions of gender, social reproduction and labour relations. Her work interrogates how the reproduction of labour-power is valued, what it costs and who pays the bill. She is the editor of Women and the Subversion of the Community: A Mariarosa Dalla Costa Reader (PM Press, 2019) and author of Mothers & Others: The Politics of Work in Neoliberal Britain (MUP, forthcoming). For Decrim Now she focuses on the unionisation of sex workers, strippers, dancers and hostesses. Camille is a feminist and active with the Women’s Strike Assembly. Before migrating to the UK, she lived and worked in Australia, where she was active in campaigns to end mandatory detention of refugees.

Lydia Caradonna is a brothel worker and writer. She began organising as a student sex worker and also works with SWARM and the UVW Sex Workers Branch. Lydia used sex work to escape domestic abuse and work around her disability. She strongly believes that decriminalisation would make her safer at work and prevent exploitation at the hands of her managers. In DecrimNow, Lydia contributes to work around public education, parliamentary strategy and policy. She writes about prison abolition, gendered violence, disability, mental health and justice.

Cat Smith is a queer feminist activist based in London. She has been involved in anti-austerity campaigns, LGBT community work and trade union organising. She’s also a member of the Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement.

Rosa Thomas is a member of Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement and United Voices of the World. She has a background in grassroots activism surrounding LGBT issues, housing, education, anti-fascism and feminism. Rosa is a co-host of the Sex Workers Breakfast which seeks to combat isolation and build a strong and supportive community for sex workers in a informal social setting. Rosa is new to lobbying and campaigning and is very excited to be working on the Decrim Now campaign, particularly public outreach.

Amina du Jean is a sex worker, writer, social media influencer and sex worker rights activist. As well as being involved in Decrim Now, she is involved with SWARM and is a new addition to Tampep EU’s steering committee. She originally became involved in sex work as a migrant student, in a country with little to no opportunities for migrant women. Because of this, Amina is interested in harm reduction for migrant, young and vulnerable sex workers. Her areas of interest are migrant sex workers, women with autism, black identity, youth culture and internet culture as well as prison reform.