Decrim Now is an alliance of workers who sell sexual services, sex workers’ rights collectives, politicians, feminists, human rights and student organisations who are dedicated to improving the lives and working conditions of sex workers in the UK.

Decrim Now is calling on the UK government to support the full decriminalisation of sex work in the United Kingdom.

Labour4Decrim are a grassroots campaign group of Labour Party activists who are active in sex worker collectives, trade unions, feminist and human rights organisations who support the decriminalisation of sex work. Our concern is the rights and safety of everybody who sells sex.

Students4Decrim are campus campaign groups of student activists who are active in sex worker collectives, student unions, feminist and human rights organisations. Students undertake sex work for a range of reasons, but most commonly sex work is a way to get by, same as in other work – a way to put food on the table, pay bills and university fees.  

We know that sex work is a form of work and that criminalisation is detrimental to the labour and human rights of people who sell sexual services. The decriminalisation of sex work is supported by both internationally recognised research and by sex workers across the world.

It is time for the decriminalisation of sex work in the UK

Decrim Now: National Campaign for Sex Workers’ Rights is endorsed by:

  • Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement (SWARM)
  • The x:talk project
  • The English Collective of Prostitutes (ECP)
  • East London Strippers Collective (ELSC)
  • Umbrella Lane
  • Women’s Strike Assembly
  • United Voices of the World
  • National Ugly Mugs
  • Basis Sex Work Project
  • LGBTIQA+ Greens
  • Sex Work Research Hub