Sex/Work Strike March 8th

On International Women’s Day we strike against the violence that permeates our lives. We demand safety in our workplaces, in our homes, and on the streets. We demand the resources and rights that we need to keep ourselves safe. We demand freedom from violence, whether it is at the hands of our clients or the state.

On March 8th, at 6PM, we will leave our brothels, strip clubs or homes and take a stand against the sexist, racist and criminal laws that jeopardise our lives as sex workers. We will not see clients. We will not answer our phones. We will not sell sex.

We are striking with one core demand: We Want To Live.

Our workplaces should not be places of violence or harm. We have a right to work safely, collectively, and without police intervention. We have a right to refuse to work, to set boundaries, and to keep ourselves safe. We demand an end to violent, racist, brothel raids. We demand the right to work together for safety without being criminalised. We demand decriminalisation of our workplaces and our lives.

We are witnessing a pandemic of violence against women. We are not safe in our homes or on the streets. Many of us entered the sex industry fleeing violence in our homes and relationships. We demand more community resources for survivors of violence. We demand that we are listened to and believed when we report harm.

We do not demand the right to occupy the streets without harassment. These streets belong to us already. We are taking them back.

We call on all sex workers and all who consider themselves feminists: march with us.

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